About us

Anybody who has read essay services reviews will know that this is not a business that is full of honest traders. It is jam packed with people who are just waiting to rip off students. The students that go to essay writing companies for help are often in trouble or desperate because of something such as a short deadline.

Academic writing companies are aware of this, and there are too many who are willing to take advantage. That is why we set up our review site, so that students can get a clearer view of what is out there and what to expect. We are here to make sure that you do not end up just another statistic for students who were screwed over or ripped off by essay writing services. There are some good online writing services out there and we aim to help you find them.

Many people ask about us and why we do what we do. We are a team of independent experts who are hired by an independent company. Our aim is to review essay writing companies to check for timeliness, honesty, prices and quality. Our reviewers will often throw tests at essay writing companies to see if they are on the ball. Our team works upon the experience of its members, which is handy because it is like asking a baker about pies or a vet about kittens.

Some people ask why we set up the review site and want to know about us. The site was set up to review writing services. We want to help students and to help build their academic success. We also know that hundreds of thousands of student’s worldwide are looking for custom writing companies, so if we keep our content up to date and accurate, then we are guaranteed a steady amount of Internet traffic every year.

The most important question is obviously the hardest to answer. Why should a student trust us? The same question could be asked of any review site. Our answer is based around the fact that we want to stick around for a long time. This means that we need to build a strong online reputation. If we started to give phony or paid reviews, then the online community would start to lay into us and our online reputation would be destroyed. That is why we maintain our integrity and strive to do a great job when reviewing essay writing companies. It is only in this way that we can guarantee our success and online survival into the distant future.

As it stands, our online reputation is very good and many people have been happy with the academic writing companies that we have suggested and reviewed. We have worked hard to ensure our data is accurate, and we re-test the companies we have listed to be sure that their standards have not slipped and to check for changes of management (which are frequent in this industry). We are happy to say that we have not had any students respond negatively or poorly to our reviews of the information placed therein.